Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Large Families and Movies

The Opinion Journal of the Wall Street Journal has a great article on large families in the movies, but takes on more than that. Here are a few excellent quotes:
Today fewer than 10% of Americans live in households of five or more people and only 1.8% in families of seven or more. That means that if your family consists of a mother and father and five children, you live where I do, which is statistically on the lunatic fringe. "Omigod, five kids?" people gasp when I tell them. "Are you nuts?"
They really freak out at the two couples we know with 9 kids each.

In this latest litter of movie features, we are shown that the more children in a household, the more deranged and uncivilized it becomes...The odd thing is that, off the screen, large families are seldom the ones with wildly misbehaving children.

Spunky Homeschooler has written on this topic as well.


Penguin said...

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Gary Hill said...

Hi Robert,

Enjoyed your blog. My dad came from a large family (13 children). I would love to have one myself but my wife might object (we're in our 50's). We have two beautiful children and we are truly God-blessed.

Have a blessed day,