Monday, January 09, 2006

How did we end up homeschooling?

Why we homeschool. We actually sent our first two kids to public school for a couple of years. I had only heard of homeschooling about a year before the first one started and thought it sounded like a great idea. My wife said, "Never."

Our oldest, Joshua, is a "spirited child," or "strong-willed," or ADD, or unique, though not as bad as some kids we know. He did not adapt to the public school system at all. I don't mean, a little, I mean, at all. When his first grade teacher had my wife come to class to watch him, he was sitting upside down in his chair, not doing anything that required a pencil, and was generally a problem. In addition, we couldn't believe the amount of work they were sending home for us to have the kids do after they had been in school for 7 hours and wanted nothing more than to run, fight and get dirty. Joshua had all the work he didn't do during the day in addition to all the work they send home. Lezlie said "I feel like I am homeschooling them"

Then we went to parent-teacher conference. That was when the first-grade teacher said the fateful words, "Drugs can do wonders." I couldn't believe it. You can believe it. I decided right then that we were homeschooling. By this point, my wife was in total agreement.

The first year we only homeschooled Joshua, but then realized that Erik was missing out on lots of time at home with the family, and lots of Bible training as well. So we brought him home the next year. Now we are committed to homeschooling all of them. Erik sometimes misses his friends at school, but Joshua says he never wants to go back to public school.

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