Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Anti-Homeschool Pressure & God's Involvement (should be 2 posts, probably)

Reading the Carnival of Homeschooling, I was struck by how many people have to defend homeschooling. We haven't had any complaints, protests, or even awkward looks. There were a few family members we thought would question our decision, but no one has. I guess we've been lucky (blessed).

I do think that God is doing something with all this homeschooling. I was very involved with a campus ministry while in college and worked with them for a few years afterward (mid 1980s to mid 1990s). A couple a years ago we had a reunion. Of about fifty couples there, all but one or two were homeschooling or planning on homeschooling. Lezlie and I only knew of one other homeschool couple before we went and expected to be the odd ones. Now to fully appreciate this, you need to understand that we had never heard of homeschooling while in college. It was not discussed, no one was planning on homeschooling, in fact, the university we attended is known as an education college and most of us were education majors. So in less than ten years time, we went from a complete ignorance of homeschooling to almost 50 couples homeschooling. That is something, and I think, a work of God. Feel free to disagree.


Anne said...

I saw your "wacko" comment on Spunky's blog and came on over. It's a term that I like as well! :)

Anyway, I was interested to read your experience with your son. I'm afraid my own daughter would get this label, as others on my husband's side of the family have.

It's sad that so many bright, active and creative kids are getting drugged up.

Kathryn - echidna23@hotmail.com said...

Does God approve of Homeschoolers who hijack Sunday Schools so that Normally Schooled children and non-Christian children are left out?

Does God approve of manipulative so-called "Mothers" who take over the Church for their own purposes (ie so THEIR homeschooled children's needs are met)???

Homeschooling is RUINING the Church. I am ashamed that these people are Christians and that we worship the same God.