Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Are We Losing Our Bearings?

Over at Big Hollywood, Joseph C. Phillips has a post talking about how he went to a parents night at his kid's school and the classroom has pictures of Karl Marx that were drawn by the students.  Now, most of us know what Karl Marx looks like.  Also, Lenin and Stalin.  How many of us know what John Locke looks like?  Locke is the writer that was a MAJOR influence on the Fathers the United States of America.  Are students learning about Locke?   Will they draw pictures of John Locke?  I doubt it.  And that's a shame.

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Melissa said...

I heard on the news the other day about a school's yearbook that had The First Worst People Ever list. The list included Hitler, bin Laden, and George Bush! Another reason I'm for homeschooling! : P

Robert M. Lindsey said...

Melissa, Thanks for the comment. Hard to believe that any American President would be in a list like that. There are some I'm not too fond of, but to compare them with Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, etc. Good grief.