Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Links for 4-19-06

I thought I had four links, but can't find two of them.

First, Rebecca Hagelin talks about the librarian being investigated for sexual harassment for recommending a few conservative books. As a conservative academic librarian this story is intrinsically interesting to me. More on this story here.

Second, Maggie Gallagher brings up the question, "Who is Caitlin Flanagan and what planet is she from?" Ms. Flanagan writes about stay-at-home-moms, but the ones that "she knows and writes about are educated, liberal, at-home mothers who too often proudly announce: "I'm home taking care of my kids, but I'm sure as hell not home to care for my husband."" And for Spunky who often writes concerning educating for the corporate world,
"For Caitlin, the point of having a mother at home is not so that your children will get into Harvard, or score that big executive job. A home is not a factory for producing children for corporations. The home is not a mere means; it is one of the great things in life you can have, create or give to someone you love. The real point of having a mother at home with children is that children get to be home with a mother who loves them."
And my favorite quote,
"You need to understand something about men," Caitlin tells me. "Men really want to help women. Yes, there are bad men in the world. Avoid them. Most of them show their stripes very early." (And if women weren't busily being sexual with men they hardly know, adds Flanagan, they might find it easier to spot the cads before they moved in with them. But that's another story.)
I read Flanagan's article in The Atlantic and thought it was quite insightful.

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