Wednesday, March 22, 2006

SAT Test Scores Wrong

The SAT got several thousand test scores wrong. This was discovered when two (that's 2) students challenged the scores. It turns out that 27,000 scores were wrong on one test. How often has this happened and not been caught?

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Julia Kendrick said...

This is interesting to me because I think that students have to really sure of them selves to contest the SAT. I know that it is very possible but to think that a test that is supposed to determine what school I go to can make mistakes like that. I know that this is probably not the problem in my case but it is possible. I was 20 points shy of the 1270 I needed to get to the 100% bright futures. I think that for the test to be weighted like it is it should be more accurate. This test scor affects scholarships as well as admission into certain schools. I think that it is important to be careful when you are affecting young people peoples futures and you need to be precise. I see the difficulty in trying to get all the test scored when they are coming from all over the country and tons of students are taking the test. So what can be done about mistakes on the SAT? I don't know what can be done I just hope that a mistak like that did not mess up any chances I had.

RSydnor55 said...

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