Saturday, December 31, 2005

Homeschool Curriculum

The note read “What curriculum do you use?” Here I am in an adult Sunday school class passing notes. The return note sent by my wife read, “Talk to me after class.” I felt like I was back in high school. Except, then I didn’t get to read the notes.

The gal next to me currently has her girls in a Christian school, but due to some changes in the family business, she is thinking of homeschooling. The answer to her question is complex. We don’t use any one curriculum. We chose basic materials (textbooks, workbooks, games, science kits, etc.) for each subject during the summer. Then, every week (or so) my wife puts together a schedule that includes lots of supplemental materials from the public library. Specifying what you want your kids to know is one advantage of homeschooling, but it is more work. I’m sure the easiest way would be to pick one overall curriculum and just go with that, but that isn’t very customizable to what is best for our kids. We do use the What Every [blank] Grader Needs to Know series as a guide. The series seems to be a bit advanced, especially for public school kids, but we figure it’s better to stretch them a little.

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